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How to Grow Up (and Feel Amazing!): The No Worries Guide for Boys, takes a refreshingly holistic approach to this important period of growth in a boy’s life.

Covering topics such as mental health and self-care, relationships, body confidence and healthy eating, children and young people are given all the tools they need in order to cultivate resilience and learn how to take care of both body and mind as they navigate their way through puberty.

Content includes:
– Puberty and physical development, including genital, skin, hair and voice changes
– Looking after your body, from shaving, good hygiene and healthy eating to body confidence and exercise
– Mental health awareness, including the importance of sleep, managing mood swings and anxiety
– Managing relationships, from parents and siblings to friends and crushes, and how to cope with bullying
– A sensitive, age-appropriate introduction to sex, consent and privacy
– Navigating the online world, including social media and cybersafety

Dr Ranj Singh says: ‘Wow! I am over the moon to have had the opportunity to write a book for young people at a time when life can be so confusing and tricky.

“Growing up in today’s world isn’t easy and young boys are faced with so many challenges at this stage of their lives – their bodies, their minds, relationships with friends and family, the world around them, and so much more. It can be difficult to know where to start with it all!

“So, I want this book to give its readers the information, confidence and enthusiasm they need on that growing up journey. For some, How to Grow Up (and Feel Amazing!) may be a starting point to find out more, for others it may be the friendly companion they need for some reassurance. This is the book I needed when I was growing up. I am hugely proud of it and can’t wait for you to read it.”

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